My services

I can offer either short or long-term counselling, based on an individual's needs.  My approach is psychodynamic, a talking therapy which recognises the importance of unconscious processes.  I work with clients to link past experiences with problems they may be experiencing at the present time and which may have their origin in childhood relationships or traumas.  These difficulties may be preventing the client from realising their potential in their chosen field, holding them back from entering into new experiences, or causing problems in their close relationships.  Together we work to try and overcome these difficulties, enabling change to take place.  I attach much importance to establishing a good therapeutic relationship and providing a safe, empathic environment in which the client is able to express his or her thoughts and feelings and make sense of them without feeling judged in any way.

I see anyone over the age of 18, and there is no age limit.  Older clients are most welcome!  Sessions normally take place once weekly and last for 50 minutes.  Fees are negotiable but generally in the range of £25 - £35 a session.